There are only some designated airports, seaports, and land borders. Please check the eligible ports.

If you lose your passport, you need to register a new passport.

Yes, you can. However, there are only some designated entrances permitted for Kenyan eVisa. Check more with the following: Eligible Entrances

Our service is offered along with many benefits like document requirement checked, information double checked and correction when necessary and eVisa recovered via email in lost cases, which not only are convenient but also save you much time.

No. Children aged 16 years and below are not required to obtain an eVisa to travel to Kenya. Only their valid travel documents will be required at the point of entry.

No, you are not permitted to apply in that case.

There are many designated countries for Kenyan eVisa application now.

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Kenyan e-Tourist Visa is only entitled to recreation, sightseeing, casual visit (meeting friends or relatives).