You can apply online for Kenyan Single Entry eTA.

We created an easy online application. This form should take you less than 1 minute per customer.

SSL encryption is used on all pages of our website to keep sensitive information. We host our database servers in a world-class data center and utilize state-of-the-art methods for securing user accounts and data. 

No, you do not need to do that. All steps will proceed completely online. This will help you avoid wasting time visiting the consulate.

Once issued and approved, Kenyan eTA is valid for 3 months before you travel, meaning you can enter Kenya anytime within this period.

We suggest travelers print their Kenyan eTA in color and keep a copy with their passport. Visitors can also have a soft copy and provide the information to the airline and immigration counter upon arrival.

If you lose your passport, you need to register a new passport.

Our service is offered along with many benefits like document requirement checked, information double checked and correction when necessary and eTA recovered via email in lost cases, which not only are convenient but also save you much time.

Yes, all foreign visitors must apply for an eTA. For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent, or accompanying adult is responsible for filling in the application. We highly recommend for families to apply as a group.