What is Kenyan eTA?


Kenyan eTA can be applied completely online.

Kenyan eTA is provided for non-Kenyan visitors who want to travel to Kenya.

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Some purposes approved by the Kenyan eTA application are tourism, friends & family, business, conferences, work, religious visits, and transit.

Approved Nationalities

There are many available countries which are permitted for Kenyan eTA application. Check Requirements for more details.

Expiry day

Kenyan eTA is valid for 3 months with a single entry and a maximum stay of 3 months.


After receiving the Kenyan eTA by email, you can travel to Kenya immediately.

However, after that, you must print it out and present it to get the stamp on your passport at the Immigration Counter in Kenya.

We truly hope that this information can help you know clearly about the Kenyan eTA and make accurate, reliable, and timely decisions.

eTA Fee

The eTA fees for Kenyan eTA consist of 2 kinds of fees: Service fee and Government fee.

Service fee is charged for helping you to get Kenyan eTA as rapidly as possible.

Government fee is charged by the policy of Kenya.

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Document requirements for Kenyan eTA

1. Applicant's photo must be colorful, 2 inches X 2 inches and taken within 6 months.

Applicant's Photo

2. Applicant’s scanned passport must contain all personal particulars.

3. Applicant’s detailed information must have the names of your parents and your spouse (if married), your address and phone number.

* You need to see more detailed information about Document Requirements.


Kenyan eTA has many advantages compared to normal Kenya eTA. With our service and 24/7 support, you can obtain your Kenyan eTA much easier, more time-saving, and more convenient.


For any assistance, please call 24h professional support center below.

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